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Present With Confidence – book contents


Chapter 1 – Believing You Can

Chapter 2 – Overcoming the Five Great Fears

Chapter 3 – Setting a Clear Objective

Chapter 4 – Preparing and Structuring Content

Chapter 5 – Practicing – The Missing Ingredient

Chapter 6 – Visual Impact – You

Chapter 7 – Visual Impact – Data Projection

Chapter 8 – The Power of Your Voice

Chapter 9 – Connecting With Your Audience

Chapter 10 – Turning Question Time To Your Advantage

Chapter 11 – Dealing With Logistics

Chapter 12 – Finishing Touches


Present With Confidence Foreword by Mark Sanborn

To be able to present with power is a key success skill.

The ability to speak well provides leverage for creating more positive impact in business and in life. Like it or not, people give more credence and pay closer attention to an average message well presented than an excellent message presented poorly. What you say is important, but how you say it is important, too.

Your goal, of course, should be to have an excellent message you can deliver effectively. Always strive for substance and style, not one or the other.

This book will show you how to speak and present better, regardless of your current level of skill.

Paul du Toit has demystified what it takes to speak and present well. The first step to meeting any challenge is to understand it. Once you understand the strategies and tactics for communicating with confidence and power, it is just a matter of applying what you know.

Knowledge is also a powerful antidote to fear. Public speaking is something that many people fear. I don’t personally believe the “research” that people fear speaking in public more than death. I do believe that most people believe the odds of being asked to speak are substantially higher than the chance of dying, so public speaking is a more common fear. Knowing what you need to do to be successful will go a long way towards alleviating any fears you might have about speaking. To that end this book will provide you a great service.

Some of what you read in these pages might be familiar. Good. We all need to be reminded of what know but might not be consistently doing.

Other ideas will be new insights and a breath of fresh air. “Aha,” you’ll say, “that’s how it is done!” Read with an eye towards learning some things you don’t already know.

Above all, keep asking yourself, “How and when will I use these ideas?” Just as you become an equestrian by riding a horse, you become a speaker by speaking. No book no matter how good will replace the need for practice.

Write down not only what you learn but how you plan to implement the ideas. Brain research is definitive: written commitment is more powerful than simple mental commitment. Not only is the pen mightier than the sword; the written goal is mightier than the thoughtful aspiration.

Congratulations on picking up this book. In it you’ll find ideas that will give wings to your ideas and add sizzle to the substance of your next presentation.

Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader

Purchase the book now (ONLY R160)