Paul du Toit – Author, Expert Presentation Skills Coach & Facilitator

Why should you choose Paul du Toit as your presentation skills coach?

Paul du Toit is a highly experienced presentation skills specialist and the author of 2 books including “You Can Present With Confidence”. He is the co-author of “The Exceptional Speaker” with Alan Stevens. He blogs on presentation and speaking skills and his articles are regularly published.

He achieved the Certified Speaking Professional designation in 2008, held by less than 950 professional speakers globally. At the 5th Global Speakers Summit in Vancouver, Canada he was recognised in the inaugural group of 21 CSPGlobals. In 2014 The Professional Speaking Association of the UK & Ireland conferred an Honorary Fellowship (FPSA).

He has trained, coached and facilitated presentation skills since 1999.

My research and experience shows:

  • Exposure leads to awareness, and perhaps to understanding.
  • Experience leads to internalisation.
  • Practice leads to confidence and desired performance.


By reading a book or listening to a speech you become aware of what it takes to acquire a skills such as driving a car, but you have not yet actually acquired the skills to drive. By getting behind the steering wheel and driving – once, twice or three times, you gradually get to experience what it’s like to drive, and you then gradually internalise what needs to be learned and perfected until you can drive with the required skill. By repeatedly driving, the critical skills are eventually acquired. With increasing experience, you become so adept that you may even have the confidence to attempt an advanced driving course.

This analogy explains my approach to teaching you how to deliver presentations that are good enough to get the results you intended.

Approach – the programme

I believe that no amount of lecturing alone will teach anyone to present confidently. It’s important that you put yourself out there and actually do it repeatedly. This is called experiential training where you become physically and mentally involved in a safe and supportive environment.My introductory course comprises 2 or 3 full days in which you will absorb the required theory pertaining to preparation, practice and delivering a presentation. The programme ideally runs on consecutive days, but it is possible to split them up. During this initial phase, delegates learn to present in small teams, enjoying a supportive environment. Two to three presentations are prepared and conducted on course and each delegate participates in preparation and delivery. Presenters are required to give feedback on their own presentations with facilitator guidance. At this stage participants do not evaluate one another. This way I achieve tangible results for you – you will see and feel a substantial skills shift afterwards, as well as a leap in confidence.

Follow up (Assessment)

Optional follow up is scheduled 8-12 weeks after the initial course. Pre-work documentation is available here and is also printed in section 4 of the course manuals. It may also be emailed upon request. Delegates prepare an eight minute solo presentation in advance. Accompanying slides, if applicable should be brought on computer or a flash drive. A preliminary “warm up” presentation is delivered that morning, and later the pre-prepared presentation is delivered. Delegates who comprise the audience (for their fellow delegates) are actively involved in critique and feedback of other delegates making  it an interesting, rewarding and informative day. A significant benefit of this phase is that delegates can prepare and practice their presentations at their own leisure.


My methodology creates tangible results because delegates not only hear and see, they also do. Delegates graduate with the knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver results orientated presentations. They are also given the resources to continue their learning journey resulting in ongoing improvement, an increase in presentation ability and confidence and the satisfaction of much better results.

What should I do now

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I look forward to welcoming you on course!